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It is for the Karnataka Northern diocese, a prestigious matter to establish a partnership relation with Evangelical Church of Kurhessan Waldeck (EKKW) Germany. Revaerhard Will of EKKW served as ecumenical worker in KND and from our side Rev. D. T. Konesagar and Rev.R.J. Niranjan along with their families also served as ecumenical workers in EKKW to strengthen our partnership relation. Now, Rev. Paul F Shinde is serving as ecumenical worker.

We have this partnership relation for more than two decades. There has been closer relationship at Area level also. Bellary area has a contact with Eschwege Area of EKKW. N.K. "A" area has relationship with Bad-Hersteld Area of EKKW. NK area has relationship with Melsungen Area of EKKW, Shimoga Area has relationship with Fritzlar of EKKW. Under the partnership programme a team is usually sent from Germany to India and vice-versa. The vision and mission of both the sides are shared; cultural and religious life of both the sides are exposed during the exchange programmes. There are many areas in which we can study, discuss and adopt in the life and ministry of our Church. Some areas have been identified and we can work together for the glory of God. It helps both the side to pray for one another and help one another. We observe one Sunday as Partnership Sunday every year in both the countries.

In the month of 2016 a team of four deligates from Bad-Hersteld Area of EKKW visted N.K. "A" area.